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The new Berloni catalog entitled "LIVE THE ITALIAN STYLE" is now available for the online viewing and the download. It includes the complete 2014 collection kitchens.

The catalog is in step with the new Berloni communication style, warmer in the atmosphere and more fresh in graphics, but also realistic in the environments and in the furniture compositions. The whole mood looks lived and full of suggestions. 

The emotional images punctuate the product presentation, facilitating the identification with the area of taste and mood of each model. The story of the kitchens collection is thus dynamic, lively, analytical. 

"LIVE THE ITALIAN STYLE" will also be available in a paper version in a few weeks for consultation in every Berloni sale points.

You can leaf through it and thus enjoy this pleasant journey into Berloni world: let yourself be immersed in colors and emotions that will involve all five senses.