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Berloni and its history

Berloni and its history. Berloni was founded in Pesaro in 1960 by the Berloni brothers, Antonio and Marcello.

From the very beginning, Berloni has lead the market as one of the most prominent kitchen manufacturers, achieving success throughout the whole Italian country and growing year after year.

Thanks to its success, during the ‘70s Berloni was able to focus on new products like office and hotel furniture. The ‘80s and ‘90s saw Berloni profitably undertake new business initiatives, and at the same time take deeper roots in the Pesaro area. Nowadays, Berloni is well known brand all over the world and sells kitchens in more than 60 countries.

In 2013 a financial crisis followed the world economic crisis; for this reason, Berloni decided to reorganize the company structure (with foreign partners entering the company along with Berloni family members), closing few business branches and focusing massively on the “core business”.

The company turnaround was based primarily on three main goals: update of the Berloni’s range of products, control of the internal market and growth in foreign markets (with help of foreign partners). With the acquisition of the company branch occurred in November 26th 2014, a new phase for the activity of the Berloni Group has begun.

Today, the Berloni’s kitchen factory, where each kitchen is produced and assembled from the first to the very last step, is one of the most technologically advanced in the whole Europe.
A story that has lasted for almost 60 years, a story of innovation and love for the kitchen that is leading us to a new, bright future.