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GINEVRA is the modern kitchen named after Geneva, the Swiss city known for precision machining. 
Its formal rigour is attenuated by neoclassical details. This is GINEVRA.
This modern kitchen features cabinet doors with a frame and flat panel, whose pastel colours hint at the hues of the earth. The presence of decorative elements allows for great versatility and creativity in the compositions. 
This elegant model is suitable for both city apartments and country houses restored with a contemporary edge.
GINEVRA: the modern kitchen for those who have an eye for detail.
GINEVRA speaks to a quite heterogeneous audience: people with a modern taste who are looking for a product that is not too minimalist, families who like framed cabinet doors that are not too classic, people who love the neoclassical style without exaggerating, architects who have an eye for the Central European taste but want to add a warmer and softer touch to it.