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SUNNY: the modern kitchen that brings springtime to your home
SUNNY is a modern, young, and contemporary kitchen. It brings a touch of warm springtime sunshine and cool breeze to your home. A combination of elements with different finishes creates a play of light and shadow that warm up the atmosphere.
SUNNY is a range that includes a vast array of contemporary finishes to choose from, keeping a special eye on the price. 
The texture of the wood finishes of the melamine cabinet doors make them a perfect alternative to the other wood versions available for other kitchens.
SUNNY: the modern kitchen for those who don’t want to renounce colour
SUNNY is the modern kitchen for those who love cheerful colour combinations.
The perfect kitchen for young people and families alike, and for all those who, in addition to the typical Berloni aesthetics and quality want a good dose of colour and contemporary finishes. 

  • Customize your finish
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