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This tale truly catches the wonder hidden inside the most common things.  This journey leads us both far away and close in space and time, across a route carved in beauty, taking us on a whirlwind of frames narrating the thousands shades of the “Made in Italy”. 

Bright cities, among romantic backgrounds and urban settings, skyscrapers and artistic perspectives: this is the scenic design for the Berloni kitchens range. Architectures, perfumes, geometries, unusual materials come together with the everyday gestures of those who live this incredible places, and with the thoughts and memories of the people who love this contemporary masterpieces. 

Browsing the catalogue, you can ideally get inside the spaces designed by following new aesthetical criterions, where every detail evokes a story yet untold, made both of modern design and examples of a rooted artistic tradition. 

In the settings depicted on the new Berloni Catalogue, a lot of magical rituals come to life. It’s easy to lose yourself in this sublime alchemy, all of a sudden. And then find your way back, following the scent of imagination, in those warm atmospheres where the ever-lasting story of our life is shaped, often ending up in the comforting skyline of our kitchen.